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Ways A Gynecologist Can Help Women

Role of Women in today’s world is beyond words. From chef to an army officer, we see them working efficiently at all places.  Their hard work and consistent performance has left examples in various fields.  Being an important contributor of the planet, it’s important for them to keep their health well maintained. If proper medical attention is not given, then a number of issues can worsen the condition day by day. Here are a few ways in which a gynecologist can help women from puberty to menopause and other important phases.

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During Puberty: When reproductive organs start to mature till the full development it is advised that every girl should consult a health professional to keep a check on their sexual well being. Regular visit to a gynecologist can keep them aware of basic bodily functions and taking care time to time.

After Marriage:  Female face a different phase of sexual health after their marriage and a gynecologist is the only professional with whom they can discuss their sexual health freely. Periodic check up or other issues related to intercourse can be consulted with them and they can give suitable solutions needed at that time too.

During Conception:  Proper time of conceiving or genetic diseases and their effects on sexual health  or issues related with delayed age of pregnancy, all need to be understood well by those who are planning to conceive.  A gynecologist works as a counselor to provide proper premarital counseling and preconception counseling to parents, which keeps them relaxed to a great extent. Besides this they prescribe all the necessary supplements (vitamins and minerals) that can be necessary for the growth of healthy baby.

Breast Check-up:  Number of issues related to breast can arise in females like tightening or lumps or itchy nipples, which create pain or unnecessary mental pressure number of times. So, it’s better to consult a professional like gynecologist, who can help with all the queries.

During Pregnancy:  Pregnancy is a most crucial time for every mother and even the baby, Its important that mother takes a good care of herself , so that she can give the required care in every way to her baby and a Gynecologist helps her in this journey of nine months. Prescribing necessary medications, checking growth of baby time to time, guiding her about the mood swings and remaining calm during the pregnancy cycle is all the job of a gynecologist.

For Birth Control:  It’s important that females should know about different options that can help them in birth control, maintaining their sexual health well too.  Besides this a gynecologist helps them in dealing various other diseases like HIV, herpes and gonorrhea and syphilis.  Preventive measures, symptoms and proper care all is provided by them.

Pelvic Examination:  Women from the start of puberty to menopause deal with a variety of discharges and pain, so most of the times they panic about all these problems.  Some are worried about the lumps or other swellings in the pelvic area.