Anupama Hospitals established in 1975, has over 45 years of experience in providing medical service to people who need holistic and meaningful treatment. Starting as Anitha Nursing Home in Balanagar, Anupama Hospitals has come a long way. Inspired to provide quality healthcare, it has established itself as a multispecialty hospital with its branches set up in Kukatpally and Vivekanandanagar in the years 2008 and 2017 respectively. Yet, we believe we have miles to go before we can say we have arrived. It is a constant journey, evolving continuously towards becoming a center for excellence in medical care. We have a whole range of medical services provided under one roof, delivering end-to-end services seamlessly, saving the patient and their loved ones from running around the city.

It has been a constant effort by Dr. Sampath Rao, who is the founder of Anupama Hospitals. Born in a middle class farmer’s family, he is very much attuned to empathise with common man’s medical needs and their problems. He worked relentlessly to provide affordable treatment to common people through his selfless medical services. He has been elected as president for Telangana Medical Association for his distinguished services to the community.

To deliver medical service through means and methods which are authentic, safe, and effective. We are determined to use future technologies that are patient-centric and affordable, to enhance the patient’s overall treatment experience


To become the hospital of choice for patients in emergencies and all other non-emergency medical needs. We believe in reasonable pricing of expert services that keeps the top-notch medical services reachable even to an average person.

Four pillars of our ideology:
Care – We are ever ready to go beyond our call of duty to make you feel comfortable and cared for as long as you are with us. For us, holistic healthcare is nothing short of making you satisfied with the results.

Cure – Every disease doesn’t have a cure. However, we adopt advanced techniques and treatment methods in line with latest developments in the field of medicine to find a possible cure for all such diseases.

Concern – Hospitalization involves several issues apart from taking the treatment. From the moment you step in, to the time you recover from the disease, your safety and well-being are our responsibility.

Compassion – Healing takes more than just medicines and surgical procedures. All the staff at Anupama Hospitals understand the role of human touch and affection to make a patient feel hale and healthy. To us, being compassionate is more important than having advanced medical expertise and knowledge.