General medicine in Kukatpally

Anupama Hospital provides the best general medicine in Kukatpally. We offer every service, keeping in view the overall well-being of the patient. Our team includes expert doctors, nurses, dieticians, and physiotherapists. Our hospital is equipped with sophisticated equipment and top-grade quality diagnostic services.

Our expert doctors are the best among all the doctors one can find for general medicine in Kukatpally. They are adept at handling all medical problems with a patient-centric approach. Listening to patients’ issues to extract a good clinical history and performing a thorough clinical examination to provide a holistic solution to their problems is the primary precept that guides our doctors. For treating lifestyle diseases that include heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, the primary focus is on prevention and mitigation as they can complicate quickly if not attended on time. We provide treatment for renal diseases, Thyroid diseases (Hyperthyroid, hypothyroid) ailments that require accurate assessment of the problem to arrive at a precise solution.

<h1>General medicine in Kukatpally</h1>

General physician in Kukatpally

We also treat vector-borne, water-borne, and air-borne diseases. Patients can avail the best and quickest possible treatment for Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, and other viral fevers. Routine healthcare procedures like physical examinations and immunizations are also taken up and are dealt with by well-trained staff.

<h2>General physician in Kukatpally.</h2>

We treat the following illnesses:

Fever is the most common illness among the general population. Symptoms of fever include high body temperature, fatigue and occasional headache. Malaria, Cold, Diabetes, Causes, treatment,


It affects the airways of the lungs because of swelling. They become narrow and produce extra mucus that creates difficulty in breathing. Wheezing and cough occur continuously.


It is a common cardiovascular disease that develops because of increased blood pressure. With ageing, people naturally develop this quite normal condition.

Thyroid Malfunctions:

Abnormal production of Thyroid hormones disrupts the normal metabolic function of the body. Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism are two Thyroid conditions that result in symptoms like weight gain or loss, fatigue and, sometimes, cancer.

Liver Diseases:

The liver is a vital organ that helps in the digestive function of the body. Certain factors like alcoholism, genetics, viruses and drugs might cause damage to the liver.

Heart Diseases:

Insufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen can damage the heart irreparably. Other factors such as obesity, hypertension, smoking and diabetes can accentuate the problem and result in heart stroke or heart failure.


Severe inflammation of lungs caused by bacteria, viruses or other germs results in upper respiratory infection or influenza. Cough, fever, chest pain, chills, shortness of breath are the common symptoms.


Severe and localized pain in flashes and spurts of intense pulses in the head is categorized as migraine headache. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting sensation, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.


It is a contagious disease that infects the respiratory system. It is a viral disease, and the common symptoms include fever, headache, dry cough, sore throat, muscles pain, fatigue, and stomachache.

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