Laser Piles surgery in Kukatpally

Piles are a common medical condition everyone suffers from at some point of time in their lives. It becomes painful and embarrassing only when the condition becomes severe. Anupama Hospital is the nearest hospital for Laser Piles surgery in Kukatpally, specialized in providing painless and effective treatment. We diagnose the piles’ condition accurately using modern technology such as video rectoscopes and suggest the right treatment course.

When you have symptoms like bleeding, itching, pain, and swelling or cushioned masses projecting out in the anus area, it is suggested to visit the doctor immediately. Medicines can cure some of the less severe piles without having to go for surgery.
There are four stages of piles :
Stage I: Can be cured with medicines and lifestyle changes.
Stage II: Non-operative procedures.
Stage III: Minimally invasive surgeries.
Stage IV: Major surgery.

Laser Piles surgery in Kukatpally

Laser Piles Surgeon in Kukatpally

Many methods are adopted to treat piles, such as Sclerotherapy, banding, infrared coagulation, open surgery (Hemorrhoidectomy), stapling. Laser piles surgery is relatively less painful when compared to these traditional methods. We have the best laser piles surgeon in Kukatpally, who has years of experience operating on the most complex form of piles. Laser Piles surgery doesn’t require any cutting, suturing and hence a completely bloodless process. Unlike with other surgical procedures, you can get rid of them permanently.

Benefits of Laser piles treatment
• Short recovery time: A person who undergoes laser piles treatment can return to normal activities within 2-3 days
• Painless surgery: It is a painless procedure compared to other surgeries and takes only 25- 35 minutes to complete.
• Permanent cure: You can find permanent relief from piles with laser piles surgery.
• Fewer chances of infection: As there is no cutting and suturing involved, infections do not occur.

In laser piles surgery, the doctor can pinpoint the exact location of the piles. When focused on the right area, it seals off small blood vessels and nerves. With the nerve endings closed, the veins cease to generate pain. This procedure has the highest success rate amongst all the procedures and highly preferred.

What causes piles?

1. Chronic constipation: A condition in which a person faces difficulty in passing stools. When you push hard to empty the bowels, it puts pressure on the veins around your rectum, causing them to swell.
2. Diet and obesity: When the body is deprived of enough fiber, it finds passing stools difficult. A low-fiber diet combined with spicy food and alcoholism will worsen gut health and pile conditions.
3. The strain on the abdomen: Pregnancy, childbirth, and other factors like weight lifting can put pressure on the anal and rectal veins causing inflammation.
4. Aging: As the person gets older, the tissue supporting the anus loosens.
5. Hereditary factors: Some persons might inherit the condition from their ancestors.