Piles Treatment in kukatpally

Piles Treatment in kukatpally

Piles or Haemorrhoids are basically the enlarged blood vessels that can get inside or around the anus(the opening of the anus). As the blood vessels in the anus gets swelled up these can disrupt the normal functioning of the continence. The anal region of the human body is made up fully of glands, tissues, nerve endings and blood vessels. Piles can generally be categorised into two types depending upon the place of their origin. It can be attributed as internal piles or external piles. The major difference between the above two is that the external piles are visible around the anus while the internal piles are formed on the inner lining of anus and rectum. In the case of mild piles, the symptoms are not that visible. In major number of the cases it causes irritation, pain, inflammation of that area and even blood.

Piles Treatment Hospital in kukatpally

What is the treatment for piles?

There are a number of surgical as well as non surgical procedures for the treatment of Piles. Rubber band ligation, freezing of piles or cutting the piles with energy are some of the considerable options. Over the period as the technology has become significantly advanced, there is a new technology for the treatment of piles that is treatment of piles using laser technology.

Benefits of laser piles surgery

Laser piles surgery has numerous benefits as compared to the conventional treatment methods. Here are some of the benefits of the same.

1. Minimal blood loss- A very critical factor while performing the surgery is to minimise the blood loss. During the laser treatment, when the piles are cut the beam also seals the blood tissues and vessels which eventually leads to very minimal blood loss. It’s been claimed by some the highly experienced and professional doctors that the blood loss during the same is nearly negligible. At the time when the cut is sealed, the possibility of an infection gets slightly reduced to zero.

2. Minimal pain- Laser incisions ar very less painful as compared to the incisions due to scalpels. To be on the safer side, the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia but the patient feels extremely less pain.

3. Quickly done- The treatment of piles using laser technology is comparetively a lot quicker process than the conventional surgical method. Generally it takes around 30 minutes for the whole process but depends on the location and the number of piles that are to be removed.

4. Quick healing- Minimal amount of blood loss, lower chances of infection, slightly sealed tissues at the time of surgery results in swift healing of the surgery area. Mostly people are able to return to their work after a week of their treatment.

Disadvantages of piles treatment with laser

1) As everyone knows that the laser treatment involves high end technology, it also pushes up its price. But the benefits of the treatment outlay all the difficulties involved, the cost can be considered fairly affordable.

2) Consumption of laser beam for the the treatment is not an easy way out. Each and every laser fiber will come for only a specific number of cases, thus extra laser fiber should be easily obtainable.