Laser Piles Treatment in Kukatpally, Kphb, Hyderabad

Various Reasons To Opt For Laser Treatment For Piles Over Conventional Surgery

Piles also attributed to Hemorrhoids are one of the very common conditions that people suffer across the globe. Under the same, the veins in the anus and rectum region become swollen and inflamed that usually leads to discomfort and bleeding. It’s generally caused by the strain that is caused at the time of bowel movements, obesity, or pregnancy. The piles are divided into two types of categories that are external piles and internal piles. As indicated by the names, internal piles are usually within the rectum and are usually not visible on the outside. In medical terms, it’s attributed to prolapsed hemorrhoids.

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As we talked about earlier, piles are not that threatening but the treatment for the same should be done at the time to avoid any kind of discomfort and pain. In general cases, piles can be treated at home with the help of some kinds of dietary changes and consumption of certain kinds of medications to avoid the pain. Though some serious cases might require surgery, either it can be conventional surgery or laser piles treatment. Talking about both, it’s usually advised to go for laser piles surgery as it’s proved to be comparatively more convenient as well as effective at the same time. Let’s know in detail why laser piles surgery is a considerably more preferred option over the conventional one.

1) Non Invasive procedure

It’s a good deal for all the people that are extremely scared of the surgery as the laser piles treatment is purely a noninvasive procedure. Under the same, laser beams are used to destroy and burn the blood vessels due to which the piles are caused and ultimately it shrinks and then disappears.

2) Local Anesthesia

One can be assured of their safety in laser piles treatment as local anesthesia is used for the treatment. Like in the case of conventional surgery in which there’s a usage of general anesthesia. Thus in this case surgery can be performed with a very low amount of discomfort as well as less risk.

3) No or Minimal Blood Loss

There is minimal blood loss as there are no incisions done under the laser piles surgery. In the same, the blood vessels which are involved are coagulated using the laser, like what’s done in conventional surgery.

4) Minimal pain and Discomfort

As we stated above, the treatment offers no or minimal amount of pain and discomfort. In the case of conventional surgery, one has to suffer a lot after the treatment. The bowel movement becomes very difficult and pains very much. All the people that wanted to avoid the path of pain and discomfort should go for laser piles treatment.

5) Outpatient Procedure

One of the most satisfying parts about the laser piles treatment is that it’s an outpatient procedure. The patient can be discharged on the same day, unlike the conventional surgery that doesn’t allow the same. Also, this treatment doesn’t require any kind of monitoring post-operation.