Best Orthopedics in Kukatpally

Best Orthopedics in Kukatpally

You may have an injury as simple as an ankle sprain or a major condition like chronic knee pain, and postpone visiting the doctor because you are scared of operation. This fear is called tomophobia, which is found in most cases of orthopedic patients. In the first case, you need a simple solution like a cold compression which the doctor would suggest during the consultation process. In the second case, the unattended knee pain might result in severe back pain, requiring spine surgery. This one example should explain how your fear of orthopedic surgery is misplaced or misguided. Here are few things you should know about orthopedics to help yourself in case of injury or unexplained pain.

Who is a surgeon, and who is a specialist?

Not all orthopedic procedures are surgical, so the assumption that all ortho doctors are surgeons is not valid. An orthopedic surgeon is the one who assesses, diagnoses the condition, and performs surgeries, while a specialist’s expertise lies in using non-invasive methods. However, this doesn’t mean that a surgeon will always go for surgery. A well-trained and experienced orthopedic surgical or otherwise would prefer non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures such as computer-assisted treatments, shock therapy, plasma treatment, physiotherapy, etc.

Best Orthopedic in Kukatpally

Who should you visit?

To be honest, you need not think about this aspect much. First, whoever you visit should diagnose the problem and direct you to the right doctor for surgery or non-surgical treatment. All that you need is a correct assessment of the condition, which to some extent, with the help of research, you can do for yourself.

When should you visit a PCP for orthopedic problems?

You would visit an orthopedic specialist for severe conditions resulting from repetitive motion or a severe injury. However, PCP would be a better option in case of a mix of orthopedic and non-orthopedic symptoms. If you are experiencing pain for over 48 hours because of a soft tissue injury, cannot perform day-to-day functions, have limited range of motion, it is enough to visit a primary healthcare provider.

Significance of sub-specialists

Sub-specialists are experts in specific areas of orthopedic surgery. They are experienced in treating and operating a particular part of the body’s skeleton that knows its mechanism, like the back of their hand. Since orthopedic surgeries accompany risks and complications, their knowledge and expertise are indisposable.

What kind of hospital should I choose?

The infection rate is one parameter that can give you some clarity around the reliability of services. Besides it, a hospital with a robust infrastructure that can handle any untoward complications during and after the surgery would be a safe option. Some institutions conduct clinical trials, which train the surgeons to optimize the treatment procedures for rare conditions and provide the best possible treatment.

Choose a surgeon with an accredited fellowship.

All surgeons are certified professionals and are suitable for seeking treatment for your orthopedic problems. But if you are looking for specialized treatment, surgeons with accredited fellowships can fill the role of a specialist you are looking for. A fellowship is a year-long period of training surgeons undergo after the residency period. These fellowships help the surgeon to develop their sub-specialty.