Anal fissure treatment in kukatpally

An anal fissure is a tear in the skin near the anus caused due to difficulty in passing stools. It causes severe pain during the bowel movements and even hours after that. They may show up even in cases of childbirth and anal intercourse. They are most common in infants but can affect older people as well. If your stools are stained with bright red, then you should immediately visit your doctor.

Symptoms of an anal fissure include

  • A visible tear around the anus

  • A skin tag, a small lump near the anus

  • Pain around the anus during bowel movement

  • Burning and itching in the anal area

Anal fissure clinic in kukatpally

The doctor may physically examine the anal area and even may do an Anoscope. Anoscope involves inserting a probe into the anus, which makes it easy to see the tear. In severe cases, the doctors will do an endoscopy, which helps in better evaluation of symptoms.
After scrutinizing your anal area, the doctor can prescribe Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS). It involves cutting a small portion of the anal sphincter muscle to reduce spasms and pain.

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