Undescended testes surgery in kukatpally

An undescended testicle is a condition in which the testes do not descend properly into the scrotum sac during birth. Babies born prematurely are vulnerable to this condition. It usually happens with only one testicle. But in some cases, both the testicles may not descend into the sac. In most cases, it corrects itself within four months after the birth. You should consult your pediatrician immediately, in case it doesn’t. If neglected, this condition might lead to other serious conditions like testicular cancer, fertility problems, trauma, or inguinal hernia.


Undescended testes treatment in kukatpally

The exact cause for this condition is still unknown. However, doctors believe genetic conditions, maternal health, and other environmental factors disrupt the hormonal balance that interferes with testicle development in the womb.


The invisibility of testes in the scrotum is the most prominent symptom. The doctor can feel its presence in the abdomen of the baby through a physical examination. If the doctor cannot feel the testicle in the abdomen, there is a chance that it hasn’t formed or had moved into the inguinal canal.

Diagnosis and treatment

A thorough physical examination is sufficient to diagnose this condition. But in cases of atrophic or absent testicles, the doctor may suggest an ultrasound scan. Doctors usually use a surgical method called orchidopexy to free the undescended testicle. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a hole in the abdomen and using special tools, moves the testicle into the scrotum through the inguinal canal. Later, he seals off the inguinal canal so that the testicle doesn’t move back into the abdomen. The surgery takes only a few hours, and you can take the baby home the same day.

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