Umbilical Hernia surgery in kukatpally

Umbilical Hernia (Bellybutton repair)

An umbilical hernia is a type of hernia that occurs around the belly button area in children. When a bulge of the intestine pushes through the abdomen wall, it results in an umbilical hernia. It affects newborn babies and disappears in 3 to 4 years of birth. In case it doesn’t, surgery might be necessary. The pediatrician may also recommend the surgery when the hernia is incarcerated or is bigger than 2 centimeters.


Umbilical hernias do not give pain to children. However, you can identify the disease by the following symptoms:
• Swelling or bulging near the formation
• Spot becomes hard and large when the baby cries
• With an incarcerated hernia, it can be painful


The diagnosis of umbilical hernia involves a thorough physical examination by the doctor. He may check for incarcerated hernia by trying to pushing it back into the abdomen. Imaging tests like abdominal ultrasound, CT scan, X-ray test help in checking for complications.

Umbilical Hernia treatment in kukatpally


In 90% of the cases, hernias heal on their own. Only in cases where with traditional methods do not work doctor performs surgery. During the surgery, the doctor makes a small incision near the belly, and using specialized tools surgeon pushes the intestine back into the abdomen. The procedure is done after administering anesthesia to the child. Usually, children recover by the evening of the surgery day or by the next day morning.

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