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If you think your child doesn’t speak much because of his introverted nature, you may be wrong. The development of a child’s communication abilities is as important as the development of physical and neural functions. You should not ignore them because of the assumptions you have. When you observe any speech difficulties with your child, immediately check for a tongue tie. Visit a pediatrician who can make a thorough diagnosis and treat the child to ease the child from this inconvenience.A tissue called the frenum that connects the tongue with the floor of the mouth enables speech functions. In some babies, this tissue is too short and tight, or not moved back down the tongue during development.

Symptoms of tongue-tie
• Difficulty latching when breastfeeding
• Breastfeeding for an extended period
• Heart-shaped tongue or presence of a notch in it
• Speech impairments and difficulty in swallowing
• Flat or square-shaped tongue tip when extended
• A gap between the front teeth in the lower jaw
Treatment of Tongue-Tie

Tongue Ties treatment in kukatpally

In milder cases, the symptoms may not be visible. Babies with no symptoms do not require treatment. In severe cases, where the child has trouble with feeding, swallowing, or speaking needs treatment. For infants, it is a painless procedure. But older children and adults may need anesthesia before the procedure.

Diagnosis of Tongue-Tie
The diagnosis involves a physical examination of the undersurface of the tongue. Doctors check if the tissue is connected to the floor of the mouth. Physical examination of a breastfeeding mother can also help identify the condition. Often mothers who feed tongue-tied babies have cracked or sore nipples, and experience pain during nursing.

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