Best Stroke Treatment Hospital in Kukatpally

Going through a stroke is an out-of-the-body experience with your head spinning some 1,00,000 times a second, which lasts for few minutes and can leave you disabled for life. The severity may vary from one person to the other, but what matters is how fast you can reach out to a medical expert. Brain stroke occurs when oxygen supply is cut- off to the brain due to nerve blockage or a ruptured blood vessel. The brain cells deprived of oxygen die within a minute.

Best Stroke Treatment Hospital in Kukatpally

Seeking immediate medical care is critical in stroke to prevent debilitating life conditions such as loss of speech and inability to write and run. When it strikes, they should attend it within three hours to save the life. But for doctors to evaluate the reason and administer the treatment, the patient must reach the hospital within 60 minutes.
Anupama Hospitals, the nearest hospital in the center of Kukatpally, is reachable by road easily. Experienced doctors in the critical care department are available round the clock to save your precious life in critical moments. A CT scan or MRI helps doctors determine whether the stroke is because of a clot or bleeding inside the brain. They administer the medication immediately that can melt the blood clot, stop the bleeding inside the brain. Sometimes the patient might need to undergo brain surgery.
Unlike a heart attack, a stroke may not disable the person completely during the attack but can damage the brain nerves, putting the person at risk of organ failure in the future. For example, a person can have symptoms like trouble walking and numbness in part of the body that may not be giving disabling pain because he might put off a hospital visit.

You experience the following WARNING SIGNS when oxygen supply to the brain is disrupted

  • Cognitive problems, such as trouble in talking and understanding others

  • Numbness or drooping on one side of the face

  • Numbness or weakness on one side of the body

  • Sharp and severe headache

  • Trouble walking or balancing

  • Dizziness

B.E F.A.S.T approach to recovery

If someone finds these symptoms in a person, they should immediately rush the patient to the hospital without wasting time.

  • Balance – wobbly movements

  • Eyes – Sudden loss of vision

  • Face – Facial drooping

  • Arms – Weakness or numbness in arms, difficulty in raising the arm

  • Speech – Slurring and incoherent speech

  • Time – No time to lose

Risk factors of stroke

Stroke Treatment Hospital in Kukatpally

Risk factors

There is no particular reason for a person to suffer from a stroke but many risks. Obesity, excessive smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of physical activity, and age contribute to an attack risk. While the above factors are acquired conditions, it is pretty surprising that even when the person is healthy, he can suffer from stroke because of genetic factors.
It is easy to conclude that stroke is not preventable but takes some effort to work towards a healthy lifestyle, which can only save you from many life-threatening diseases, including stroke.

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