Sebaceous Cysts treatment in kukatpally

They are small dome-shaped lumps filled with oily substances from under the skin, particularly in the hairy parts of the skin. It is generally white or yellow. They can form at any part of the body except on the palm and sole of the feet.

Sebaceous Cysts treatment hospital in kukatpally

Sebaceous cysts have central blackhead and puss formation, which sometimes can drain out of the cyst. Sometimes they are painful due to inflammation and might even grow in size.These cysts form when the sebaceous ducts under the skin get blocked due to traumatic conditions like a scratch, surgical wound, or skin condition like acne. They are generally painless and noncancerous. However, it might be a cancerous cyst resulting in pain, puss-like leakage, and abnormal growth. If it does not heal by itself and keeps growing in size, you must visit the doctor. Unless you take the treatment, it is going to be with you for a lifetime.

The doctor can examine the cysts physically to determine the nature of the cysts and may do a biopsy or CT scan if he suspects other skin conditions. The doctor may use an injection or incision method to remove the cyst from the body.

Sebaceous Cysts

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