Radiology Centre in Kukatpally

Radiology is a specialty of medicine in which images of inner parts of the body are interpreted. In other words, it is the diagnostic imaging service that provides images of organs of the body. Radiography’s medical images include Radiographs (X-Rays), CT scans, MRIs, Ultrasound, mammograms, fluoroscopy, etc. Anupama Hospitals’ Radiology Centre in Kukatpally takes up cases from all sectors including trauma-response, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, emergency medicine, and cancer care.

Radiology services play an important role in addressing many of the challenges in healthcare by providing tools such as precise images for accurate diagnosis and prevention of life-threatening diseases. Because of the advent of new technologies that enable storage and processing of images easily, it helps doctors in detecting epidemics quickly, analyze the progress of the disease efficiently, and hence have an effective disease management plan.

Best Radiology lab in Kukatpally

Radiologists at Anupama Hospitals are extremely skilled and well experienced, who ensure delivery of error-free results at the right time. Our team comprises radiographers, radiologists, sonographers, biomedical engineers, nurses, medical physicists who continuously work hard towards making the treatment process a success. We have the most competitive team of radiologists any Radiology lab in Kukatpally can have. They play a crucial role in maintaining standards of the output by strictly following the procedures stipulated for radiology labs. For example, the day-to-day tasks of our staff include getting accurate diagnostic information at the lowest possible exposure to the radiations, ensuring effective and safe equipment performance, and checking the performance of the equipment to ensure effective and safe equipment performance.

We offer the following radiological services:
• X-ray testing
• Ultrasound and Doppler-effect
• CT Scan