Puberty Disorders in girls hospital in kukatpally

What is puberty?

Puberty is the first stage of the reproductive life of a woman. It occurs around 8 to 13 years of age in women. It is a transitional phase for girls in which they gradually attain womanhood from playful childhood. However, all girls do not go through the same experience. Many of them suffer from puberty disorders which can put them in physical and psychological trauma.

Signs of puberty in girls

  • Breast development–It is the earliest sign of puberty in girls. They develop like buds and gradually develop into fuller form. During this period, soreness and uneven breast development are normal and will improve with time.

  • Body hair–Coarser hair in the pubic area, underarms, and legs start growing. For some girls, it can be the first sign of puberty.

  • Vaginal discharge–Clear and white discharge occurs in some girls before the start of menarche.

  • Periods–It is a sure sign that a girl has hit puberty. Most girls get their first period after 2-3 years of the first sign of breast development.

  • Increases in height–Girls grow faster during their puberty period. It is faster between the time their first signs show up and the menarche.

Puberty disorders

If puberty can be called tinderbox for emotional stress, imagine what a disruption in the natural cycle can bring on the young psyches and give their parents anxieties. To cope with such an abnormal situation, you need to know the disorders and their causes fully.

Types of puberty disorders

1.Delayed puberty – Puberty happens when the body starts making sex hormones, and it manifests in the form of breast development and periods. When it doesn’t happen on time, it is called delayed puberty.
2.Precocious/early puberty–A girl’s body matures earlier than it is supposed to be. It usually occurs between 7-8 years of age. It throws the young girl into mental trauma as she deals with adult problems like periods and body shaming very early in her life.
3.Contrasexual pubertal development is a condition in which girls acquire male characteristics such as deep voice and facial hair.
4.Premature Thelarche–Early development of breasts occurs in some girls. It is not a problem per se as it doesn’t pose any health risk, though it can cause some psychological stress in girls.
5.Premature menarche–Premature menarche is a condition that occurs when periods start before other signs show up.
6.Premature adrenarche–It is a condition in which pubic hair starts appearing without other signs of puberty.

Best Puberty Disorders in Girls hospital in kukatpally

Diagnosis –

For almost all the conditions, the pituitary gland at the base of the brain is responsible. Doctors can check for discrepancies in the pituitary gland’s functioning through a blood test, MRI or CT scan, ultrasound scan to check the health of ovaries, and thyroid profiling.

Treatment –

Depending on the individual’s condition and test results, the doctor may suggest hormone therapy, corrective surgery, etc. In less severe cases, regular check-ups and counseling can help solve the not so serious but important teensy issues which need an expert’s attention and advice.

List of Diseases