Pilonidal Sinus treatment in kukatpally

A Pilonidal Sinus is a tunnel-like formation under the skin surface formed due to infection from a cyst or abscess lying over the skin. It is usually located in the crease of the buttocks and can lie anywhere between the tailbone and anus. The cysts are formed due to the accumulation of hair and skin cells and can be easily inflamed due to hormonal imbalance, friction from clothing, etc. They occur primarily in young men and in those who sit for long hours.

Symptoms of an infected cyst include:

  • Pain that gets worse on sitting,
  • Reddened drainage of pus or blood
  • A dimple like the small swollen area between the buttocks
  • Foul-smelling drainage of fluids

Diagnosis and treatment

The doctor will do a physical examination of the crease of your buttock to check for abnormal formations. When they identify a cyst or dimple, they will establish the condition by asking you a few questions regarding drainage from the cysts, frequency of pain, etc. He may even ask for CT or MRI scan if he thinks the cavities have developed under the skin.

Pilonidal Sinus treatment in kukatpally

There are different ways of treating a Pilonidal cyst. Minor cysts can be cured by simply draining them and taking antibiotics. In severe cases, the doctors remove them using laser therapy or surgery.

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