Parotid Swelling treatment in kukatpally

When the salivary glands, called parotid salivary glands, stop emptying saliva into the mouth, it causes swelling and inflammation of the glands. It occurs because the obstructed glands hold back saliva, which solidifies into calcium or other mineral buildups inside the gland. It causes inconvenience in chewing food, swallowing, and digesting the food.

The symptoms include

  • Tender and painful lump in the cheek

  • Foul-tasting discharge from ducts

  • Difficulty fully opening the mouth

Parotid gland swelling has many causes, though it occurs rarely. It can be caused by salivary gland stones, scar tissue, abnormal growth of cells, mucous plugs, and foreign bodies.
The doctor can diagnose the swelling either by physical examination or running clinical tests like biopsy and imaging tests. The biopsy tests are done to determine if they are cancerous cells and the type of cells infected. It helps in the condition’s prognosis and determines the best treatment possible.

Parotid Swelling

Parotid Swelling treatment hospital in kukatpally

They can be treated using antibiotics and other treatments to help you deal with pain and increased saliva flow. If the gland develops an infection and has collected puss, draining the gland might give relief, but surgical intervention might be necessary for hard salivary gland stones.

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