Papsmear test in kukatpally

A pap smear test is a procedure to detect cervical cancer among women. It is a simple and easy screening test performed on women to check for abnormal cells in the cervix. If not treated, these cells turn cancerous. This test also helps check for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), responsible for cervical cancers among women.

pap smear test center in kukatpally

Who should take a Pap smear test?

All women who cross 21 years of age, who are sexually active, should undertake this test. Usually, cervical cancer occurs in women with multiple sexual partners. Women in a monogamous relationship should also undergo this test as the virus may remain dormant for years and suddenly flare up as cancer later. Other factors that indicate you should take the test include having HIV, a history of cancer, a weak immune system, and organ transplantation.


The nurse asks you to lie down with your legs spread apart. The doctor uses a speculum to separate the vaginal walls and collects few cells from the cervix part using a spatula or brush. The entire procedure will take only 5 minutes. The doctor may send the collected cells to a laboratory for testing.

pap smear test in kukatpally

Papsmear test center in kukatpally

What happens after the test?

When you receive the test result, your doctor will make a “risk-based estimate” to decide the next best step. He will assess the risk of you having precancerous cells. If the risk is low, you might have to retake the test after 1 or 2 years. If the risk is high, you might have to undergo a colposcopy to help the doctor inspect the cervix.

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