Orthopedics in Kukatpally

Orthopedics is the branch of medicine which deals in musculoskeletal diseases, which are precisely disorders of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin. It was originally meant to treat developmental deformities and effects of polio in children. With technological developments in orthopedics, now any disease or condition in individuals of all ages can be addressed. Anupama Hospital is the best Orthopedic hospital in Kukatpally for comprehensive treatment for your musculoskeletal ailments. We provide both operative and non-operative orthopedic procedures. We have all the know-how of modern technology that makes possible, minimally invasive procedures that are less traumatic than open surgery.

When should you visit an Orthopedic?

The human body is dependent on bones and joints for all its movement. Either you are someone who is involved in work that involves lots of movement or has a sedentary lifestyle, there are some warning signs that you should consider seriously and pay a visit to an orthopedic.
• A soft tissue injury that has not improved in 48 hours
• Chronic pain in the joints and bones, particularly in places such as the neck, knee, elbows, and/or back
• Stiffness and reduction in range of motion in joints
• Inability to perform everyday tasks as a result of these symptoms

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Orthopedic in Kukatpally

An Orthopedic surgeon practices diagnosing and treating diseases related to the musculoskeletal system, though not every Orthopedic surgeon performs surgery. Our approach is patient-centric, which takes into consideration the patient’s preferences concerning whether he wants to have a surgical procedure or a non-surgical one without jeopardizing his overall wellbeing. And eventually, when the patient opts for a surgical procedure, our expert doctors prefer minimally invasive procedures whenever possible avoiding pain and trauma for the patient. The Orthopedic surgeons at Anupama Hospitals are the Best Orthopedic surgeons in Kukatpally who can perform all minor and major replacement surgeries using the latest technologies available with a 100% success rate.
Orthopedics is about emergencies as much as it is about relieving pain or a correctional cosmetic surgery. Our team of Orthopedic surgeons coordinate with other physicians in emergency cases to make the process complete. In a way, they play the role of lifesavers in emergencies like Open Fractures, Acute Compartment Syndrome, Dislocations, Neurovascular injuries, Septic Joints, Cauda Equina Syndrome, etc.

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Services we provide

Joint replacement

Patients with end-stage joint disease, usually of the knee or the hip are eligible for joint replacement surgery. It is suggested only to those patients who have tried other nonsurgical treatments, but still, have a functional disability or couldn’t get relief from pain. There are two types of joint replacement surgeries.
1. Total joint replacement surgery: The damaged joints are completely replaced by a prosthesis which mimics the functionality of a normal healthy joint restoring the range of movement by reducing the discomfort and minimized postsurgical complications.

2. Partial joint replacement surgery: Partial joint replacement surgery is performed when the patient needs replacement of only fewer worn-out tissues or bones. Artificial implants are used to replace the removed parts while the rest of the joint is preserved. This procedure has relatively less recovery time as smaller incisions are used.
The following surgeries are performed at Anupama hospitals
• Total Knee Replacement
• Total Hip Replacement
• Total Shoulder Joint Replacement
• Spinal surgery

Arthroscopy (Keyhole) Surgery :

It is a minimally invasive surgery of joints that utilizes the laparoscopic technique. Incisions are made into the joint to insert a camera and the operating tool from another incision. The whole process is performed under local anesthesia.

Joint Preservation Surgery:

In case of persistent joint pain that interferes with your daily activity, it is advised to go for joint preservation surgery. Joint preservation can be achieved through both surgical and non-surgical methods. Depending on the patient’s situation, his expectation, level of joint dysfunction, the surgeon would suggest an appropriate course of treatment.
Non-Surgical procedures include joint injections, Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) Therapy, Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) Injections. Surgical procedures include Osteotomy, Cartilage Restoration Procedures including Allografts, Microfracture, and Biologic Grafts.

Pediatric Orthopaedics:

It is a special branch of orthopedics that deals with orthopedic conditions in children and teens. The orthopedic issues faced by children can be congenital, hereditary, or acquired. The conditions children include foot deformities like Knock knees, bowlegs and club foot, etc, gait disturbances, and hip dysplasia.

General Orthopaedic Care

Few mild problems like foot and ankle pain, hand and wrist pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, can be treated through noninvasive procedures. They include medications, therapies, and physical therapy. Usually, these non-surgical procedures are used to alleviate pain and inflammation in any joint or tendon.

Orthopedic sports medicine

It is a subspeciality of Orthopedics that deals with treating and managing injuries that arise out of sports practice. Unlike in general orthopedics, timing plays a critical role in providing the treatment as athletes need to return to play as soon as possible that too at the pre-injury level. Therefore orthopedic sports medicine is a specialty itself where surgeons have to adapt to the latest technology and techniques to deliver the desired result. Conditions like
Tendonitis, Rotator cuff injury, nerve compression, torn cartilage, ligament injuries, turf toe, tennis elbow, and various types of sprains and strains are treated under this specialty.

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