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Liver Abscess is a puss-filled cyst in the liver. An infection passed on by nearby organs such as bile draining tubes or appendix or intestines or an injury to the liver can cause a liver abscess. In itself, it is not life-threatening but can become dangerous when it opens and spreads the infection. It can happen suddenly, and hence you should contact your doctor immediately when you get the gist of the symptoms.

Liver Abscess treatment hospital in kukatpally

A liver can have a single or multiple abscesses. In immunocompromised people, it is caused by fungi, whereas an amebic liver abscess, another form of liver abscess, is caused by amebiasis.
The patient may suffer from dysentery, fever, abdominal pain fever, and joint pains. If not treated in time, it can cause sepsis and put the patient’s life in danger.
Diagnosis and treatment
Diagnosis of liver abscess includes blood cultures and imaging tests like MRI, CT scan, abdomen ultrasound, etc.
Usually, antibiotics are enough to treat the cyst in the liver, but certain cases might need surgery that involves inserting a needle or small tubes through the abdomen.

Liver Abscess

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