Laparoscopy Gynae surgery in kukatpally

Laparoscopic surgery, known for its minimally invasive technique, is a boon to women, many of whom hesitate to go under the knife for fear of losing fertility or psychological reasons fear of losing other bodily functions and change in their abilities to function like before.

1.Lap ovarian cystectomy –

Ovarian cystectomy helps in preserving the fertility of the woman by removing unwanted growth around the ovaries. It is a surgical procedure used for removing tumors and ovarian cysts using laparoscopy. It is a minimally invasive surgery that can help in easy recovery with minimal pain.

2.Lap Endometriosis –

Doctors use this procedure to remove the infected part of Endometriosis, a layer that covers the inner walls of the uterine. In the long term, Endometriosis carries the risk of causing lesions in the uterus and thus causing infertility.

3.Laparoscopic Surgery for Ectopic pregnancy–

In Ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg implants itself in the fallopian tube, an abnormal condition that can put the mother’s life in danger. Doctors use laparoscopic surgery when other methods do not work to remove the fertilized egg from the fallopian tube.

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4.Laparoscopic sacral colpopexy –

Sacral colpopexy is a surgical procedure to correct pelvic organ prolapse in women. It causes a bulge in the vagina and affects the bladder, small bowel, rectum, or uterus. In laparoscopic sacral colpopexy, a transvaginal mesh is inserted into the vagina to reattach the apex to the sacrum.

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