Ingrown toenails treatment in kukatpally

It is a condition that results when edges of toenails grow into the adjacent flesh. They are painful and commonly occur among teenagers. You can treat this condition at home, but it can complicate with persons who have Diabetes and might need surgery to correct it.

Many reasons can cause this ingrowth. Cutting nails incorrectly, i.e., angling the toenails instead of cutting them straight, using footwear that puts so much pressure on the big toe, poor hygiene, poor posture, toenail injury, or genetic disposition can cause ingrown toenails.


  • Tender and swollen skin around the toenail,
  • Experiencing pain when some pressure is put on the nail
  • Overgrown skin around the toenail
  • Pus and fluid formation around the toenail
Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails surgery in kukatpally

Diagnosis and treatment

A physical examination followed by an X-ray test can establish the disease. Once the doctor identifies the condition, he may go for any of the following treatments, depending on the type and severity of the toenail infection.
1. Lifting the nail: The doctor lifts the nail slightly to separate it from the underlying skin. The doctor would place cotton, nail floss, or splint under the nail to help the nail grow above the skin’s surface.
2. Partially removing the nail: For severe infections, where the toenail is infected with puss and gives pain, the doctor may remove a part of the nail and the puss from that area.
3. Removing the whole nail and tissue: The doctor may remove the entire nail and underlying nail bed using a chemical or laser beam to prevent the nail from growing again. This method is adopted when your toenail is infected repeatedly.

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