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Imperforate anus is a congenital condition in which a child is born with either missing anus, misplaced, or blocked anus. In the womb, the digestive system undergoes many changes. When it doesn’t form properly in the womb, it can cause these malformations.


The exact reason for this abnormality is still unknown. In certain cases, it occurs as part of a syndrome. In which case, it causes many other developmental issues in newborns. The syndromes include:
• VACTERL syndrome
• CHARGE syndrome
• Currarino syndrome
• Townes-Brocks syndrome

Symptoms of imperforate anus

• Misplaced, missing, or narrow anus
• Swelling in stomach
• Absence of bowel movements
• Stool passing through the wrong area like urethra, vagina, scrotum, or the base of the penis
• An abnormal connection between the baby’s rectum and their reproductive system

Diagnosis of the imperforate anus
The diagnosis starts with a physical examination. When the doctor suspects the condition, he may ask for an ultrasound and x-ray test of the abdominal area to understand the extent of the abnormality. To detect the abnormalities related to this condition, doctors may recommend some additional tests.
• Spinal X-ray, spinal ultrasound to detect bone abnormalities
• Echocardiogram to check for heart abnormalities
• MRI to detect the formation of fistulae in windpipe and trachea

Imperforate Treatment hospital in Kukatpally

Treatment of imperforate anus

Surgery can help correct the imperforate anus can be corrected through surgery. It may need single or multiple surgeries depending on the complexity of the anatomy. A temporary surgery called colostomy may also help your child in having normal excretory functions. Some children have trouble controlling their bowel movements even after the treatment. In such cases, bowel management programs that include scheduled enemas can help parents their children have a quality life.

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