Best Hypospadias Repair treatment hospital in kukatpally

Hypospadias is a condition in which the urethra is not at the tip of the penis. Instead, it lies somewhere along the underside of the penis. This condition is present in baby boys from the time of their birth. Because of this condition, men tend to urinate abnormally, spraying their urine around when they pee. A subtle displacement of the urethra is hard to identify, though the child may suffer from the symptoms. When you see the first symptom of hypospadias, consult your pediatrician immediately for further diagnosis and treatment.

A Hypospadias repair can be of different types depending on the purpose it is used for.
1. Orthoplasty: Straighten the penis
2. Urethroplasty: Rebuilding the urethra
3. Glanuloplasty: Building a new urethra
4. Scrotoplasty: Repairing scrotum
In most cases, we can correct hypospadias in a single surgery on an outpatient basis. Sometimes, it requires more than one surgery to correct the defect. The surgeon may also do skin grafts and use them for reconstructing the urinary channel in a proper position

Hypospadias Repair treatment hospital in kukatpally

Hypospadias repair surgeries come with complications such as falling apart of repairs, narrowing of the opening, holes in the penis which can cause urine leakage, swelling in the channel connecting testicles and urethra, a buildup of scar tissue, etc. For a complication-free treatment experience, call us at

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