Hydrocele surgery in kukatpally

Hydrocele is a condition wherein the testicle sac is surrounded with fluid, causing it to swell. Usually observed in newborns, but older men can develop it too because of inflammation or injury. In babies, it is caused because of deformity in testes formation in the womb. When the channel through which testes descend into the scrotum doesn’t close completely, it might cause fluid flow into it, causing Hydrocele in older men.

Hydrocele treatment in kukatpally


Hydrocele is usually a harmless condition and doesn’t require medical attention unless it is the reason for embarrassment. Only in rare cases, it gives pain, which is sudden and severe. In adult men, it gives a feeling of heaviness due to swelling.


The doctor may do a physical examination and do a tenderness test using light and rule out cancerous lumps in the scrotum. He may check the abdomen to determine if the swelling is not from a condition called an inguinal hernia. Blood tests and urine tests are suggested to check for infections.

Needle aspiration is one method to remove Hydrocele wherein the fluids are removed using a needle and antibiotics are injected into the scrotum. Surgery is performed only in cases where it is a type of Hydrocele called Communicating Hydrocele, which later causes Hernia.


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