Hydrocele treatment in kukatpally

Hydrocele is swelling in the scrotum caused by the accumulation of fluid in the sac. It is common in newborns and goes away by the age of 1. Hydrocele also affects older boys because of inflammation caused by infection or injury.

Types of Hydrocele

1.Non-communicating Hydrocele

When the baby is in the womb, the testicles descend from the abdomen into the scrotum sac. The baby’s body absorbs any fluid in the sac. When the body doesn’t absorb the fluid, it gets trapped in the sac. It results in non-communicating hydrocele.

2.Communicating hydrocele

When the sac stays open, it results in fluid moving in and out of the sac. It results in communicating hydrocele and may also cause a hernia.

Hydrocele surgery in kukatpally

Symptoms of Hydrocele

• Swelling in scrotum
• Change in size of scrotum Hydroceles rarely cause pain.
When you see the above symptoms, it is crucial to seek medical attention right away. The swelling may also be because of other reasons which the doctor can diagnose and administer the treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment

The doctor will do a physical examination, checking for any swelling in the groin area. In certain cases, an ultrasound scanning may be required. Hydroceles usually disappear by themselves at least by the boy reaches the age of1. A surgery is required only if the boy carries the condition beyond this age.

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