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The Fracture specialist in Kphb, Kukatpally, Hyderabad are orthopedic experts who diagnose, evaluate, and also offer treatments to those patients who have broken their bones due to a traumatic injury or an accident. These injuries might also involve broken bones or a single fracture. Regardless of how the injury occurred, the doctor will have to first examine the patient to assess how much damage has been caused to the bones at the site of the fracture and prevent any kind of further injury. Any bone in the body might get fractured. But if the skin and the tissue that is surrounding the fractured bone are not damaged, this injury is called a close fracture. But in case the bone is protruding through the skin at the place of injury, it is referred to as a complex fracture. This requires treatment from a fracture specialist. Surgery might also be the best option in such a scenario. If you type Fracture specialist near me in the search engines, you will be able to get the list of the best fracture specialists.

The procedures that are performed by the orthopedic trauma surgeons include:
1. External Fixation:
This is a process where the pins are inserted through the skin and into the bone that is fractured. It is then held by an external frame.
2. Internal Fixation:
This is a process where implants are used to help the bones heal.
3. Skeletal Traction:
This is a process where pins are inserted into the fractured bone, after that the weights are attached which pulls the bone into the right position.
4. Closed Reduction:
This is a nonsurgical procedure used by orthopedics that specializes in trauma. This involves manipulating the broken bones and then moving them back to their original position for healing.
A fracture care doctor not only should attend to the patient after the accident but should also check carefully to ensure that the broken bone is set carefully to prevent any kind of malunion. This happens when the bone is misaligned and the healing is not proper.
After any treatment whether nonsurgical or surgical, fracture healing and fracture management are extremely important. For example, in case the patient begins to use the limb too early, there is a chance that he or she would damage it further. The bone might move off the alignment or might even break. Therefore working closely with a specialist both immediately after the trauma and at the time of the recovery is important.

Best Fracture surgeon in Hyderabad, Kphb, Kukatpally 

Fractures can result in many symptoms. Therefore, you must pay attention to the symptoms so that you can let the doctors know about them. People with fractures sometimes report symptoms that include the following:
• Swelling
• Bruising
• Unable to move the affected region
• The bone that has pierced through the skin
• Unable to bear weight on the injured limb
If any of these symptoms seem familiar, there are chances that you might have sustained a fracture.

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After doing thorough research that includes on-site imaging including X-ray MRI and bone density scans, the team of doctors will treat your injuries and will also determine a follow-up care plan. To have the best possible recovery, often physical therapy is highly recommended.