Endocrine disorders in women hospital in kukatpally

The endocrine system acts as the chief chemical messenger, making reproductive organs work the way they are supposed to. The imbalances in the functioning of hormonal glands throw the reproductive system out of control and affect the general wellness of women. The endocrine system is a complicated system that an irregularity in one part can cause issues in other regions. It is essential to equip yourself with adequate knowledge of the endocrine system and the conditions to detect the problems early and take preventive steps.

Following are the endocrine system disorders that affect the female reproductive system directly or indirectly.

Diabetes can have a prominent effect on reproduction in women right from the stage of conceiving and through the process. A diabetic woman should keep her sugar levels in check, as it can impede the process of conception with symptoms like urinary tract infections, sexual dysfunction, and PCOS. A woman with diabetes risks carrying a bigger baby, and hence she might need to undergo a cesarean operation. Few women acquire diabetes during their pregnancy period, which is called gestational diabetes.

It involves factors such as irregular menstrual cycles, which either do not start in the first place or stop for six months at a stretch. Improperly developed genital organs, hormonal imbalances, sudden weight loss, or obesity are responsible for this condition.

The polycystic ovarian syndrome is the major cause of female reproductive problems. Irregular production of female sex hormones is responsible for this condition. Because of this syndrome, women experience skin issues, ovarian cysts, and other symptoms related to the female reproductive system.
It is a condition in which terminal hair grows in areas where it usually shouldn’t grow. It results in hairy skin in children and women. It is primarily caused because of pituitary and adrenalin gland disorders.

Endocrine disorders in women hospital in kukatpally

Premature ovarian failure:

Premature ovarian failure, otherwise called early menopause, is a hypo-ovarian condition that results in the early onset of menopause, typically before the age of 40. Though the exact reason has not been identified, certain diseases like Turner syndrome, chemotherapy, enzyme deficiencies, and mumps are responsible for this disease.

Dysfunctional thyroid:
The thyroid hormone is very critical in maintaining the reproductive cycle and conceiving for women. It also helps in the development of uterine, ovarian, and placental tissues. An imbalance in thyroid hormone production can cause infertility and subfertility in women.

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