Cosmetic Gynecology in kukatpally

Also known as female cosmetic genital surgery, it involves cosmetic procedures that repair and enhance the appearance of the vulva or vaginal region. It is performed to restore the sexual function that has been lost due to aging or childbirth. It is purely an aesthetic procedure and is not a medical requirement.


  • Hymenoplasty – It involves the repair of hymen broken by cycling or horse-riding. In some cultures, an intact hymen symbolizes virginity.

  • Vaginoplasty – This procedure tightens the vagina, which loosens due to childbirth or other reasons like using menstrual products

  • Labiaplasty – It is a procedure in which inner or outer lips or both are modified.

  • Hoodectomy- Removing the tissue that covers the clitoris

  • Monsplasty – Lifting the pubis area to enhance the appearance of the bikini area

All these procedures are minor ones and do not take more than a day.

Cosmetic Gynecology hospital in kukatpally

Getting operated on in the sensitive parts is quite scary. For such people, laser treatment is the new option. Currently, lasers are being used to treat conditions like Condyloma, cervical dysplasia, vaginal tightening, labial trimming, vulvar melanosis, etc. However, do enough research to choose the best plastic surgeon to prevent unnecessary consequences when you want to go for it.

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