Corn foot treatment in kukatpally

Corn is the buildup of dead cells around the bottom of the toes. Corns form due to friction caused by using the wrong footwear and walking for an extended period, putting pressure on the toes and soles. They can form around the joints of hands, toes, between the toes, and heels. They are usually painless, and you can treat them at home.

Common symptoms of corn

  • Rough and hard patches of yellowing skin
  • Pain when wearing shoes
  • Flaky, dry, waxy skin
  • Hardened raised bumps
  • Pain when touched

If you have underlying conditions like diabetes and have symptoms such as pus, swelling, or redness, you should consult the doctor for their surgical removal.

Diagnosis and treatment

Usually, one can identify corn with the naked eye. However, the doctor might scrape some part of the affected area to determine whether it is corn or other formations like calluses and warts

Corn foot treatment in kukatpally

In most cases, corns disappear when patients can avoid the source of pressure that causes the corn. In the case of hard corns, your doctor would suggest ointments, corn plasters, and oral antibiotics, which help in reducing pain, swelling, and pus formation.

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