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Child surgeon, also called as the pediatric surgeon plays an important role for different types of surgery. Professional Child surgeon Hyderabad, in Kphb, Kukatpally, Dr Anupama at Anupama Hospital under the general surgery cases including- single port surgeries, Dilation & Curettage, and cardiac treatments, such as cardiac ablation and atrial septal defect surgery. Brain tumor surgery, peripheral neurosurgery, and neurobiopsies of the neck and spine are among the various treatments conducted.

They also treat children with chickenpox, ADHD, non-invasive cardiology, patent ductus arteriosus, device closure, neurological issues, canalith repositioning, and other conditions. If you are looking for more medical surgery assistance, then the child surgeon would also undertake cases of treating very ill and extreme premature babies, as well as regular newborn baby concerns, neonatal ventilation, and growth and development monitoring.

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Our multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, pediatric urologists, and neonatologists combine their skills to undertake a wide range of procedures in infants and children. Anupama Hospital under the guidance of Dr Anupama, the best Child surgeon in Kphb, Kukatpally, Hyderabad ensures your kid gets the right treatment. Some disorders in neonatal surgery include gastroschisis, a birth defect hole in the abdominal wall; some urological conditions, such as hypospadias, are common at birth or in young individuals; and pediatric oncology surgery deals with common pediatric cancers such as leukemia.

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The Advanced Children’s Centre at Manipal Hospitals is equipped with a microbiological and pathological lab, a blood bank, outpatient and inpatient treatment, and a child and parent-centric emergency department. Anupama Hospital is an accredited healthcare institute ensuring your kid has a better treatment.

Anupama Hospital’s Pediatric general surgery section provides your child with the attention they need, whether it’s for a simple operation or a big surgery. Dr. Anupama, the leading Pediatric surgeon employs both minimally invasive laparoscopic and traditional surgical procedures. Your child will receive outstanding surgical care that is both thorough and sensitive here.

We make certain that your child receives care that is specifically customized to his or her needs, delivered by a diverse team of professionals in the field.

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