Cleft lip and palate treatment in kukatpally

There is nothing more in the world for parents than their child’s smile, which gives them immense joy. But in some unfortunate cases, parents are deprived of this happiness because of birth- defects in newborns like cleft lip and cleft palate. Children also suffer from social anxiety and lack of confidence because of this condition. Cosmetic reasons apart, children will have difficulty in eating food and using tools like straws. Sometimes, parents do not understand the problems from the children’s point of view and delay seeking a medical opinion. The younger the child is, more will be the chances of it gaining a normal appearance.

A cleft lip looks like a separation on the upper lip formed on either side. It happens when there is not enough tissue for the flaps in the lip to fuse. A similar condition called cleft palate forms on the roof of the mouth. These complications happen when the baby is in the womb and there is nothing one can do to prevent it.

Causes of cleft lip and palate

Though the exact reason for a cleft lip cannot be pinpointed, there is a probability that one of the following causes is responsible for it.
1. Genetic conditions: If cleft lip runs in the family, there is a higher chance of acquiring it.
2. Environmental reason: If the mother is exposed to certain radiations, viruses, or chemicals, there is a chance of the fetus getting this abnormality
3. Medication: Certain medications that a mother takes during pregnancy can make the baby vulnerable.


• A split in the upper lip is the prominent symptom of a cleft lip
• In cases of cleft palate, the milk may come out of the baby’s nose because of an abnormal barrier between mouth and nose.
• Having missing teeth or extra teeth after growing up
• Frequent middle ear problems
• Problems with speech because of poor nasal quality in the voice

Best Cleft lip and palate treatment in kukatpally


A cleft lip doesn’t need any complicated diagnostic procedure. When the baby is born, the doctor can identify the condition with a physical examination of the mouth and buccal cavity of the child. In unborn babies, this condition is identified using an ultrasound imaging test. Though the diagnosis at this stage may not help you in preventing or correcting the abnormality, you can certainly be prepared mentally and take the necessary steps in planning for the surgery.


A cleft lip repair or cleft palate repair takes more than a normal plastic surgery operation. It involves rebuilding the lip to its previous form and structure. In case of cleft palate, the surgeon rebuilds the roof of the mouth cavity, and also might operate on ear tubes to reduce the risk of ear fluid buildup. Additional surgeries are required, in certain cases to make the lip and mouth area look like a normal one. The surgical procedure can greatly help your child live a quality life and spread the cheer around them. Anupama Hospital has years of experience in putting a smile on the faces of children suffering from these conditions. Do not delay your child’s happiness by having unnecessary apprehensions about the treatment procedure. Get in touch with us to clarify all your doubts.

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