Circumcision surgery in kukatpally

Circumcision is the process of removing the foreskin of a male baby’s penis. It is a preventive procedure that has many health benefits. It can help prevent urinary tract infections, penile cancers, and sexually transmitted diseases. It is performed within the first week after birth for babies, while adult males can have this surgery anytime. Circumcision is rather a choice than a compulsion. For some communities, it is a religious obligation. According to prominent medical associations and doctors, a circumcision procedure has benefits and risks. Before deciding, consult your pediatrician at Anupama Hospitals at Kukatpally.

What happens during Circumcision?

In the circumcision procedure, the surgeon removes the foreskin of the penis using methods such as Gomco clamp, plastibell device, and the mogen clamp. All these techniques involve cutting off circulation to the foreskin to prevent bleeding during the operation. This procedure is performed after administering anesthesia and takes only about 15 to 30 minutes.

Circumcision treatment in kukatpally

Risks of circumcision
Though the procedure is safe, it is suggested to consider the risks that accompany
• Infection and pain
• Bleeding during the procedure
• Damage and deformity during the procedure
These complications happen only in a minute number of cases and can be avoided when performed by trained professionals.

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