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Most Common Types of Pediatric Surgeries

A Best Pediatric surgeon in Kukatpally, Kphb, Hyderabad is the one who helps children in treating their birth defects and childhood medical conditions. With advanced surgical procedures and ongoing care, they help children with their problems. Any kind of surgical error or mistake during the time of surgery can severely impact the life of the child and affect their physical or mental development. Also if there is a serious error it can just invariably affect the child’s quality of living.

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Various Procedures Performed By Pediatric Surgeons

To become a good quality and highly certified pediatric surgeon, the doctors should be able to perform various types of procedures and treat a wide number of medical conditions. We will have a look at the types of conditions they must be able to treat through surgery.

1) Appendectomy- Under the condition of appendectomy, there is inflation in the appendix and it becomes painful or there is an infection in the appendix, it needs to be removed. The surgeon may perform an emergency appendectomy in which the appendix gets ruptured.

2) Biliary Atresia– Under this surgical procedure, there’s the treatment of the congenital birth defect in which the bile produced by the liver can’t be emptied fully. During the same, the bile ducts are rerouted allowing the liver to drain as it needs to.

3) Numerous Cancer Treatments– A pediatric surgeon should have to treat several childhood cancers, the cancers may include cancers of the livers, abdomen, kidneys, or pancreas. The surgeon is allowed to operate to implant a portocath or for the extraction of a cancerous tumor before radiation or chemotherapy.

4) Congenital Defects– Several congenital defects disrupt the ability of a child to thrive. Among these malformed lungs, kidneys and hearts are among the most common defects that need surgical care. The surgeon is required to reconstruct the organ that has been impacted and then prescribe the medicine accordingly to support the ongoing treatment.

5) Bowed Chest- This is the condition under which the child’s breast bone and ribs don’t grow in proportion and requires surgical help if the braces and other forms of treatment don’t correct the issue.

6) Reproductive Defects– If the child has gone through a congenital defect of the genitals, surgical intervention may be required to extract the tumors and the cyst and to correct the dysfunctioning of the organs.

7) Removal of the spleen- It is apparent for a child to undergo a splenectomy if facing any kind of problems in the blood or if one has suffered any kind of traumatic surgery.

8) GERD treatment – The same is also attributed to acid reflux, GERD usually occurs when the stomach acid can flow back up the esophagus. The problem can be corrected by tightening the opening between the esophagus and the stomach that allows the acid to be contained.

9) Bariatric surgery– It’s a type of treatment under which a balloon is fitted inside the esophagus to make the opening narrow and reduce the appetite. It helps in the problem of obesity.