Best Laser Piles Treatment in Kukatpally, Kphb, Hyderabad

Top 7 Reasons to go for Laser Treatment for piles over conventional surgery

Hemorrhoids (piles) are a condition under which the blood vessels located near the anus or lower rectum region get swelled up and resulting in a quite painful condition. When the piles get develop inside the rectum region it’s then referred to as internal hemorrhoids and when they are outside the anus region they’re known as external piles. Though it’s not a life-threatening disease needs proper diagnosis and care to avoid any type of pain or discomfort. In most cases, the problem can be cured at home with some changes in diet and going for some counter medicines. Though some of the cases that become serious might require surgery which can be laser piles surgery or conventional surgery. Though in the above two options, one should undoubtedly go for the laser piles treatment over the conventional one as it’s one of the most effective choices of treatment.

Laser Piles Treatment in kukatpally

Laser Treatment for Piles

The laser treatment for piles is generally an outpatient procedure under which a narrow laser beam is used to shrink or extract the affected tissue without causing much damage to the nearby healthy tissue. There are many reasons due to which it’s preferred over conventional surgery. Let’s get upon the benefits which laser surgery provides.

1) Noninvasive procedure

The laser treatment for piles is a highly noninvasive procedure and is most suited for people that are scared of surgery. Under the same, laser beams are used to burn and destroy the blood vessels that caused piles, which eventually gets shrink and then disappear.

2) Local anesthesia

The treatment is usually performed under local anesthesia and therefore there is not any kind of side effects associated with it. Due to this, the surgery can be performed with absolutely minimal risk and very little distress to the patient.

3) No or minimal blood loss

The laser treatment has no incision involved in treatment so there is no or very minimal blood loss during the treatment. The blood vessels that are affected during the treatment are coagulated using the laser, unlike any conventional way.

4) Minimal pain and discomfort

Patients are usually very scared of the pain that they might experience after the procedure as in the case with conventional surgery. But in the case of laser piles surgery, there is minimal tissue damage due to which the lain and discomfort are very minimal.

5) Outpatient procedure

As we talked about, laser surgery is a non-invasive procedure and doesn’t require any kind of patient monitoring post-operation, the patient doesn’t require any kind of hospitalization and can go home the same day.

6) No open wound and sutures

Being a non-invasive treatment, there is no incision involved due to which there are no open wounds or sutures. As a result, there is no risk of post-operative infections and no need for dressing changes.

7) Faster Recovery

As compared to the conventional surgery that generally requires general anesthesia, very fierce post-operative monitoring, and stays in the hospital. Whereas laser surgery provides a much faster recovery period and no need for fierce monitoring.