Top 5 Breast Cancer Symptoms

Top 5 Breast Cancer Symptoms

Top 5 Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer is on verge of affecting millions of women across the world. But, due to the advent of technology and various advanced diagnostic tests, breast cancer is diagnosed in the early stages these days, which has resulted in the lowering of the mortality rate drastically.

To stay safe from this serious health ailment, it is important to know the right time, at which you have to consult the doctor. As soon as you observe the symptoms of the breast cancer, you should proceed to the doctor and get the diagnostic tests done as soon as possible.

These top 5 breast cancer symptoms should be looked out for on a regular basis.

  1. Swelling or lump in the breast

If you observe or feel any lump or thickening or swelling in the breast, then you should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Cyst or lump in the armpit

At the first instance of finding a lump or cyst in the armpit, you should ahead to the doctor’s office right away.

  1. Retraction of nipples

If you happen to find the nipples retracted for no apparent reason, then it could be the sign for breast cancer.

  1. Nipples emitting discharge

In some cases, nipples emit discharge, and the skin surrounding it will be dimpled. It is the sign of cancer.

  1. Other symptoms

You can feel a change in the texture of the skin there. You may get pain, redness and warmth in the region.

These are the definite signs to look out for, which can help you diagnose the breast cancer in the starting stages, and protect you from life threatening situations.

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