Dr.Anupama Rao

Dr.Anupama Rao

Dr. Anupama Rao is the renowned Gynaecologist in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. She is well known for her immaculate care towards the pregnant ladies and newborns. Her exceptional role in 10,000+ cases over 15 years is a huge success by any standards, and undoubtedly, she is the most experienced Obstetrician in Kukatpally.

Her journey had started at Gandhi Medical College, where she got the MBBS degree. Her unfaltering efforts have earned the Ob degree from the Osmania University. From then, she had dedicated herself for the upkeep of women health, offering complete attention before, during and after the pregnancy, and health care of the baby.

Dr. Anupama Rao suggests the women to improve their health and achieve the optimum fitness in the preconception phase, which starts at 6 months before the pregnancy. It is important for successful pregnancy and health of the baby. She devices an exclusive program to achieve this. With the assistance of the nutritionists and fitness experts, Dr. Anupama charts down several steps, which have to be followed religiously for obtaining the optimum benefits.

Prenatal care
Dr. Anupama starts prenatal care as soon as you are confirmed pregnant. It is required to maintain the health of the fetus and you. She asks you to appear in the hospital on the specified days. A wide variety of tests are conducted to learn about various aspects of your health. Tests like Ultrasound, Amniocentesis, Multiple Marker Screening, CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling), etc. are carried out every time you step into the hospital.

Her ingenuity is evident in other related medical services too, like IVF,PCOD, Menstrual problems, Fibroid Removal, Normal Delivery, and High Risk Pregnancy. The incredible talent of her has made many women free from the health issues related to Gynaecology, and carry out the obstetric treatments smoothly.

10 Precautions to be taken after delivery by Dr. Anupama Rao

1. Take rest at least for 45 Days.
2. Sleep after the baby has slept.
3. Go for a walk to have fresh air.
4. Eat healthy foods, like Grains(wheat, oats, brown rice), Vegetables(starchy vegetables), fruits, dairy products(focus on fat free, high in calcium), protein (choose low fat meat or poultry, fish, nuts, seeds).
5. Avoid oils having animal fats.
6. Exercise regularly, and follow healthy diet plans.
7. Avoid alcohol, if you are breastfeeding.
8. Drink more water, milk and juices.
9. Make appointment with your gynec doctor regularly.
10. Prenatal vitamins should be taken regularly. If you are unable to get them, then you can take multi-vitamin tablets, containing iron.

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