The Radiology and Imaging department at Anupama is the most advanced and experienced facility in the entire Kukatpally. The State-of-art laboratories with the cutting edge equipment, and the professional personnel are the highlights of our hospital. The senior radiology consultants are more than 15 years experienced, and junior consultant staff and clinical associates are available for assisting the seniors. Hence, the service provided is of top notch, and our experienced nursing staff also lend their exceptional services for providing the patients with excellent customer satisfaction.


Facilities Available:

  • CT Scan – The scans are done by a Radiology and Fluoroscopy digital machine with high frequency. It plays a prominent role in providing accurate results for the tests, and this helps the patients in getting effective treatments for the ailments they have.


  • Ultrasound – We use several high end Ultrasound machines from GE and Phillips, which are the most advanced infrastructure till date. They elude preciseness, and provides very helpful inputs for the doctors to provide highly effective treatments for their patients.


  • 500 MA Digital X-Ray–  The X-ray machine should be able to perform various applications, and it should produce the images with crisp quality. This enables the study of human anatomy accurately, which caters to effective diagnosis. Hence, we use 500 MA Digital X-Ray for this purpose.


  • Colour Doppler–  To assess the blood vessels and velocity of the blood flow, the ultrasound equipment with Colour Doppler feature is used in our hospital. Using this test, health issues related to arteries and veins in the abdomen, upper and lower limbs, and heart are diagnosed.


  • ECG – The health condition of heart is interpreted by understanding the muscular and electrical functions of it. And these processes are traced out by conducting ECG test. Due to the interpretation of heart functioning, any abnormalities can be detected accurately.


  • 2D ECHO –  The complete functioning of heart and its internal structures, is determined by using 2D ECHO. It provides the cross sectional view of the heart, while it is beating, and any issues related to its working are displayed in the test.


  • TMT –  Treadmill Test or TMT is used to measure the response of heart under stress. Even, the minute issues, which do not show up in the other heart examinations, are diagnosed by using this test. We provide this highly effective diagnostic test.


  • EEG –  Electroencephalogram, abbreviated as EEG, is a diagnostic test for evaluating the brain’s electrical activity. For this purpose, small electrodes of EEG machine are connected to the scalp, and the device measures the electrical impulses of the brain. This test is offered at Anupama.



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