Anupama Hospital serves best physiotherapy treatment by professional physiotherapists to provide the highest standards of care for every patient.

Physiotherapy treatment for following mobility issues

  • Sciatica

Phsyiotherapy for sciatica provides immense relief to the patients, by decreasing the pain, and improving the strength of the spine. The supporting tendons, muscles and ligaments are also made healthy by resorting to various gentle exercises and stretching maneuvers.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis affected persons suffer from the limited movement of various body parts, and they also experience intense pain even during normal activities. To help them cope up with the symptoms, and alleviate the condition, physiotherapy offers highly effective treatment sessions.

  • Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a congenital and permanent movement disorder, which occurs due to the issues in brain development during the childhood. It hampers the control over various body movements. Physiotherapy improves the condition, and restores some flexibility in the patients.

  • Elbow Passive Motion

Damage to the elbow joint due to single or multi traumas can cause intense pain and limited movement of the elbow during passive motion. Physiotherapy decreases the inflammation of the joint, and improves the passive flexion and exertion of the elbow.


The physiotherapy department of Anupama is extremely important for the patients who are suffering with any mobility issues. The physiotherapist professionals can offer you with various services, since they are proficient in integumentary, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neuromuscular and pulmonary body systems.

The people recovering from stroke or any accidents, can immensely benefit from the physiotherapy. Due to the professional physiotherapist hand movements, the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems get activated, and the affected persons gain the improvement slowly.

Physiotherapy is also required for the pregnant women, in offering them with prenatal classes, which can facilitate them to conceive easily. They are offered with the training regarding the body positions they have to maintain, and provided with relaxation classes, to make them stay calm, improve the general health of both the mother and baby, and conceive freely without any excess labor.

Exceptional services provided by our Physiotherapist is very much appreciated by the people in Kukatpally area.



Orthopedics Physio deals with the ailments related to the bones and spine, or the entire musculo-skeletal system. Our orthopedicians are highly experienced, and they can improve the condition and movements of the affected body part, which usually happens due to the accidents. Various programs are implemented for the results.


This department of Physiotherapy handles the task of improving the breathing of people affected with various heart and lung diseases. The activities are aimed to clear the air passages from any blockages, like secretion, etc, and facilitate the patients to breathe freely than ever. It improves the oxygen supply to the body.


Our sports and manual physio are proficient in dealing with various issues of the body, generated due to the sports activities. The problems like tennis elbow, slip disc, etc. are successfully treated by our personnel, improving fitness and this helps the players to concentrate on the sports, and forget about the body pains..


This department of ours is very important for the pregnant ladies, since they are provided with effective inputs and prenatal training by the professionals. It facilitates them to have easy and pain free pregnancies, which can save a lot of pain for them. The training includes relaxation sessions, posture maintenance, etc.

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