Orthopedic or Orthopaedician : A Doctor for Musculoskeletal Disorder

Orthopaedician is driven by the aim to provide the best treatment for spine issues, bone fracture, muscles, nerves, tendon, bone replacement surgeries, emergency and trauma care.


The Orthopedic department available at Anupama, has all the required facilities to treat any kind of musculoskeletal issues, and the Orthopaedicians are well versed in providing any kind of treatments.

We provide treatments and surgeries for spine issues, fractures, all joint replacements, elbow and shoulder problems, etc. Due to the availability of various kinds of treatments, we are very popular all over the Kukatpally and its surroundings. Due to these factors we are the preferred hospital for orthopaedic services provided by our orthopaedician in kukatpally area.

You are also provided with excellent infrastructure at our hospital. During your stay, you and your attendant would not feel any discomfort, due to the spacious rooms and facilities. The surgery equipment is quite advanced to provide top notch treatments for our orthopaedic patients.



Knee cap replacement is done for the patients who are suffering with arthritis. In this condition, the tissue between the knee joint wears away, and it causes the bones to rub against each other, producing high friction, and it leads to a great deal of pain. The replacement therapy cures this issue effectively, and Anupama is the best choice to get it.


Anupama offers all types of spine surgeries, and it helps the patients to become normal again, after any injury or health condition related to the spine. We have a dedicated team of spine surgeons for this purpose, and they are experts in performing thoracic, lumbar and cervical operations for treating a wide variety of issues.  


The Fracture Clinic deals with the broken bones at any location in the body, and they perform effective surgeries to join this broken bones. In the cases, where multiple fractures are occurred to the same bone, extra care is taken by the orthopedic to join the pieces, to restore the original bone structure. We have the required equipment, tools and experienced orthopedician in kukatpally area for this purpose. 


Anupama has the resources to provide emergency and trauma care round the clock. Since these orthopedic emergencies can happen anytime, we have the required facilities at our hospital. Spine, ankle, pelvis, foot and other traumas are treated with due care, and steps are taken to provide relief at the earliest for the patients. We are renowned for this very reason.


Say Hello to our doctors who are orthopedic experts.



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