Anupama Hospital is driven by the aim to provide the highest standards of care for every patient.


The Oncology department at Anupama has expert doctors and advanced infrastructure to provide effective treatments for the cancer patients. We conduct in-depth analysis for the people who seem to be affected by the cancer at present or in the future. This helps us to identify the cancerous symptoms in the early stages, and this enables us to treat the condition successfully by using only the medicines.

In the advanced stages, we use more sophisticated processes like surgery or radiation oncology. Although they can provide exceptional results, there are some side effects related to these processes. But the cancerous cells are removed completely, and the tissue is regenerated with the assistance of plastic surgeons.

We are having access to advanced facilities, so we can administer tailor made surgeries, with respect to the patient’s condition, and they are renowned for the excellent results they provide.



  Anupama’s Medical Oncology department is specialized in treating and controlling the cancer cells by the use of medicines. It is the least invasive and one of the effective ways to treat the cancer. Our doctors are aware of every development in the cancer treatment, and use the latest and advanced medicines for our patients, and cure any cancerous tumors..


Surgical Oncology uses various surgeries to cure the cancer. The operations can be carried out for colon, rectal, breast, pancreatic, abdominal and other cancers too. The results are phenomenal, but it is only preferred if the medicines had no impact on the cancerous cells, due to the somewhat invasive nature of this method.


Anupama offers radiation oncology for the patients, to get their cancers cured by using the radiation therapies. In this method, high energy radiation is used to damage the DNA of the cancer cells, thereby destroying the complete lump of cancerous cells. Charged particles can be used too, to plant them in the cancerous cells, and destroy the DNA.


Call us at 91600-16230 or 91600-03108, to set up an appointment with our oncologists. Getting a prior appointment is mandatory, and you are not entertained with any interaction sessions without one. Alternatively, you can also get a quick appointment at our appointment page. Fill in the required details to get the appointment timings.

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