Neurology or Neurosurgery

A Neurology or Neurosurgery deals with neurological disorders which includes headaches, stroke, dementia, epilepsy, head trauma, sleep disorders, neuromuscular disease, tumours. And this Disorders are treated by Neurologist or neurosurgeon with extensive care.


The neurology and neurosurgery department at Anupama is well versed in all kinds of neurology issues, and it has impeccable experience in offering innovative and advanced treatments for the patients.

The neurologists at our hospital have years of experience in dealing with the neurological diseases, and they can understand even the trickiest of disorders very quickly. They are capable of offering innovative treatments, specifically customized according to the patient requirements, which can provide amazing results.

We have advanced infrastructure at our stable, which is crucial for offering high quality treatments for our patients. The trickiest of the neurology issues, like dementia, alzheimers, etc. are dealt successfully by our doctors, and they are provided with relief from the symptoms as quickly as possible.

Anupama provides excellent services for the patients with neurological disorders. Fix an appointment now to consult our neurologist in kukatpally.



 Epilepsy or seizures affect many people, and they make them to behave strangely during the unprovoked sessions. The neurons in brain communicate with each other by using electrical signals in the chemical medium, and sometimes, they release severe outbursts of electrical impulses, which makes the people experience continuous seizures, prompting them to seek medical attention. .


There are literally many people who suffer from migraine headaches, especially women. It occurs due to the abnormal chemical release in the brain, which leads to throbbing pain at one side of the head or behind the eye, accompanied with vomits, nausea, etc, and it affects women more due to the unknown reasons. Anupama provides effective treatments to curb migraine.


Insomnia is a sleep disorder, which makes the affected people suffer from getting the sleep, or staying awake, or induce both of these symptoms at a time. This makes the people stressed and lethargic, even after the regular sleep. The effects are prominent in health and performance of the affected ones. Anupama can help the patients deal with this condition effectively.


Memory loss can occur at any age, but it is persistent in the elder people. It happens due to many reasons, like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, brain hemorrhage, etc. This issue is very tricky to handle, and the prognosis is dependent on the core issue of this symptom. Anupama has the expertise and infrastructure to deal with these issues, and offer the patients with effective treatments.

Say Hello to our doctors who are neuro experts.



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Epilepsy-Migraine-Insomnia-Memory Loss

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