Nephrologist in Kukatpally

Nephrology team at Anupama Hospital is driven by the aim to provide world class health services for kidney issues.


The Nephrology department at Anupama offers viable solutions for various renal or kidney issues, and it helps the patients in restoring the normal health. Due to the rise in the issues related to kidneys, our department is very important for many patients in and out of Kukatpally, Hyderabad, since the quality of treatments is very high at our hospital.

There are many kidney issues, like stones formation, kidneys failure, Nephrotic Syndrome, etc. These problems should be dealt by the experienced doctors for attaining excellent results, and Anupama makes sure to provide the best Nephrotic surgeons in the entire Kukatpally. They have great expertise in dealing with these issues, and they can restore the normal health conditions for the patients.

We also possess cutting edge infrastructure, which is required to carry out any kind of complicated surgery with ease. The amenities are offered like any other international hospital, and this makes us the preferred choice for many people. We have also performed various state-of-the-art surgeries, which are first of its kind, and received many accolades from the common people and medical circles.


Acute Kidney Failure

   This health issue arises when the kidneys stop functioning suddenly. This leads to the accumulation of waste materials in the body, and it leads to dangerous situations. The fluids, salts and wastes should be filtered by kidneys for the optimum functioning of the body, and any sudden failures are treated at Anupama.

Nephrotic Syndrome

Due to this syndrome, the kidneys release too much of protein into the blood, and it causes a range of serious complications. This issue arises due to the damage of the small blood vessels in the kidney, and it is capable of making the kidneys fail, leads to heart failure and many more deadly conditions.


Anupama provides advanced dialysis treatments, to remove the toxins and purify the blood. The kidneys failure can make the blood accumulated with waste materials and toxins. They should be removed to keep the body safe and fuction properly. The dialysis machines remove these toxins, and restore the healthy balance of the blood.

Laproscopy Nephrology

Laparoscopic Nephrology is used for various kidney surgeries like partial and total Nephrectomy, Kidney Stones, etc. This advanced treatment is offered by Anupama, so that the customers enjoy excellent results. A Laparoscope or camera is used to administer the surgery, which is less invasive and saves the patients from acute pain.

Say Hello to our doctors who are kidney specialists.



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Acute and Chronic Renal Failure-dialysis- Nephrotic Syndrome

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