We offer the entire portfolio of diagnostic services, like Blood Glucose or CBP, 500 MA X-Ray, 2D Echo, CT scan, Ultrasound, Color Doppler, MRI, TMT, Dialysis, ECG, EEG, PFT, Endoscopy, ENMG, Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. The patients are provided with every required test, to support the doctors for providing efficient treatments for them.

We provide cutting edge Radiology & Imaging services, which can help the doctors in providing the treatment regimens by finding out the exact reason for any kind of health ailment. This can in turn benefit the patient, since they receive high quality treatment due to the use of advanced technology and the latest equipment available in the market.
At Anupama, you are offered with various health packages, which can prevent any disease from suffering you. These packages are framed according to the age and health conditions of the patients. Even the lowest of them features the basic medical tests required for any individual. The health packages are highly cost effective and offer value for money.



Dont wait for your body to give you reminders.

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