Knee Replacement Surgery: When Should You Get It?

Knee Replacement Surgery: When Should You Get It?

Knee replacement surgery is carried out when there is no other option to make the patient move freely without any pain. However, your doctor won’t prescribe it at once in most of the cases, but it truly depends on the stage of this health ailment during diagnosis.

Typically, the patients who need knee replacement surgery are diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis (a condition in which the cartilage and bone at the knee joint degenerates). If a patient has managed to get right diagnosis in the early stages, then he/she is asked to follow various other treatments before prescribing the knee replacement surgery. If the condition is severe at the time of diagnosis, then the knee replacement surgery is prescribed right away.

The following treatments are offered for you in the early stages of osteoarthritis of knee.

Oral Medications, Nutritional supplements and Topical creams or Ointments
You are asked to take over-the-counter medications, like the anti-inflammatory drugs. However, more powerful drugs are prescribed if needed and you have to get them on prescription.
Nutritional supplements are also suggested, to improve nutrition to the bones and make them stronger.
In addition to the oral medications and nutritional supplements, you have to use the topical creams or ointments, which relieve you from the inflammation.

Medicines which should be injected at the joint
There are various powerful medicines, which should be injected at the joint, and they are very effective in treating the joint pain and inflammation, and improve the movement of the joint. Some of these medicines are Corticosteroid and Hyaluronic Acid injections. The Corticosteroid injections are administered to reduce the joint pain and inflammation quickly, and they are effective in providing the pain relief for several months. The Hyaluronic Acid injections improve the production of natural fluid at the joint, which helps in the smooth movement of the knee.

You are suggested to exercise regularly, so that you lose the extra weight and build the muscles or make them strong. Any increase in the body weight puts the knees under direct pressure, and with a condition like osteoarthritis, it only worsens the matters. So, you should keep the body weight under control at any cost. Also, strong muscles means more protection to the bones, since they relieve pressure on the bones and prevent them from any injuries.

You might be offered with the relevant treatments by a Physiotherapist, such as braces, canes, splints, etc., which may provide relief and promote wellness. When all these treatments fail, your doctor can suggest the knee replacement surgery.

But, if you are diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis or have the following symptoms, then you are prescribed with the knee replacement surgery right away, since there is no chance for the above mentioned treatments to work. The symptoms which suggest that you need a knee replacement surgery immediately are:

  • Tremendous knee pain, which hampers your daily activities. If you have knee pain which prevents you from doing the daily activities, then it is a sign that you need the surgery. Unable to carry out the daily chores is a sure sign to look for.
  • Severe knee pain when you are even resting. If you experience tremendous knee pain even during resting, then it signifies the severity of the issue. You can experience the pain anytime, be it on night or day.
  • Knee inflammation and swelling which is chronic (suffering with them from many days), and no improvement is observed even after using medications. If you do not find relief even after using the medicines, then it is the time to consult an experienced orthopedic right away.
  • Knee Stiffness: You will not be able to bend or straighten the knee freely, since it feels very stiff due to the lack of the natural fluid at the joint.
  • Deformed Knee: Sometimes, the damaged knee gets deformed, and the change in the knee shape is quite evident.

So, if you are diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of knee, or suffering from the above symptoms, then you should get the knee replacement right away, as it relieves you from the pain and improves the knee movement for years, or even for lifetime.

We suggest you to visit an experienced Orthopaedician in Kukatpally, to get an effective knee replacement surgery, as the quality of the surgery determines the longevity of the results of this treatment. By getting this surgery at the mentioned place, you can enjoy the incredible results for a lifetime!

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