The ICU facilities at Anupama are of top notch, since they are very important for the patients suffering with critical conditions. The infrastructure is excellent and staff in the ICU are extremely skilled, and they can handle the critical cases with aplomb. Due to the availability of extraordinary features and the most experienced personnel at our ICU, the success rate is extremely high compared to any other hospital in Kukatpally, and this made us the most preferable medical facility in the entire city. Every minute during the medical emergency is utilized, to save the patients’ lives.

ICU Facilities – The Complete Equipment

We give top priority to the ICU facilities and equipment, because they support the lives of the patients who are in critical conditions.

Here is the complete list of ICU equipment available at our hospital.

  1. 16 beds (Highly Advanced and Motorized)
  2. Bedside Central Monitoring System with Capnography Facility
  3. Bedside Central Oxygen facility
  4. Vacuum suction
  5. Compressed air supply
  6. ECG machines
  7. Biphasic Defibrillators
  8. Multipara Monitors
  9. Ultrasonic Nebulisers
  10. Infusion pumps
  11. Syringe pumps
  12. Ventilators (8 adult and 2 paediatric) (Manufactured by Bear-cub and Usha Drager)
  13. Resuscitation Unit with all the essentials drugs and disposable materials
  14. Air Bubble Beds
  15. Portable X-ray and DVT Pumps
  16. Blood Gas Analysers
  17. Invasive hemodynamic monitoring including cardiac output monitoring
  18. Total parenteral nutritional support
  19. External tube nutritional support
  20. Inhouse hemodialysis unit
  21. Patient controlled pain relief system
  22. Acute pain relief with regional blocks and other nerve blocks, with nerve locators.
  23. Percutaneous tracheostomy

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