How to support your wife when she is pregnant

How to support your wife when she is pregnant

How To Support Your Wife When She Is Pregnant

Pregnancy is a  the most precious moment in every spouse life.   A woman knows that what a motherhood journey is, although she has to go through pain,but she still lingers to cross every obstacle , to get the delight of the motherhood . Although there are some couples that are not able to conceive a pregnancy, but thanks to technology, which invokes infertility solution that give many couple a joy of parenting.

During a pregnancy a woman’s hormones takes a shift that makes her so emotional and ragging. For a husband this is the life most cherished moment to see the birth of his own child . At that time the father to be are experiencing an overwhelming feeling, but the one thing that came up with that feeling is  what you can do  to for her; when she is going through this pregnancy tantrum period.. Just by saying that if you need anything and any help ask me, is not going to facilitate your women.She is not aware about her needs so how can she explain that to you. Here we provide a little guidance that makes the father understand that how can she help her wife during pregnancy:

  • Except The Fact That She Is Changing

During the pregnancy she is not the same person, which is actually because of the mental and body changes she is going through and ifits her first pregnancy then everything is in the extreme. Most men  have a habit to crack jokes on their wife and seriously, we all know that you do this  for fun. But when your wife is pregnant,  she is extra sensitive so avoid this habit because it seems a criticism to her.  If your wife doing odd things and demanding odd things like icecream at midnight, her favorite food makes her nauseatic and she is taking napsin the evening let her do it and not even mention these things as a joke because it is going to hurt her badly. Be patient with your new wife pregnant version. At this time she only needs your helping hand rather than your irony.

  • Give Attention To Her

Hear what she has to say, actually this is the thing you do all the time, but during pregnancy, she needs your attention more  because she is extra sensitive and emotional. The things which doesn’t bother her generally, are start bothering her in the pregnancy and you will go to experience break down and find her on the edge of tears. In her mind, she has sustained worries and fears regarding the pregnancy,  baby health , labor things and she can be a good mother or not. Already she was dealing a lot in her mind  in that phase she seek your attention to get sympathize, she wants to discussher fear,she wanted a shoulder to cry on and  mind it this is really important  to her.

  • Go With Her For An Appointment

Manage the time and go with her to attend the appointments, if you can’t manage to attend all try to manage to attain few atleast. Every time she goes visit a doctor a lot of fears are built in her regarding the baby. At this time she needs your emotional support,  which you can provide by just being with her. If you are too busy to attend any appointment,take your time to securely  drive her to the hospital and ask her about appointments  and get details about what the doctor say, it makes her feel secure  that you are equally interested in your upcoming child.On the weekend, take your time out to just sit with her and take her to walk. It makes her feel that youare with her.

  • Love Her More

Ofcourse, here I am not taking about to show fake concern, but just try to show your natural feeling which you actually rejected to show off in normal days. Bring flowers occasionally and bring her the food she likesin pregnancy. Message her  during office time just to know that she has taken lunch or medicine ,saying three magic words while leaving office, or be a little fancy prepare a breakfast for her once make her feel loved. Buying baby clothes and gives her a surprise these are the usual things.

A pregnancy period isnot easy for a woman, it is going to transform her life from her body to her habits. At this time all your wife needs your care and your support. Share her burden and be with her to experience every little joy form a baby heart beat to the baby first kick !!

Author:Jennifer Hill

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