Dressings, Injections and Infusions

Dressings, Injections & InfusionsImpeccable services are provided by our nurses, which lead to effective treatments in a safe environment. The range of services are

  • Dressing and wound care (They are carried out safely by using sterile equipment).
  • Providing intravenous treatments and injections.
  • Catheterization is provided when needed.

Physical Therapists

Physical TherapistsOur physical therapists are highly experienced in helping the patients to recover quickly, and retain their body movements. They use various effective techniques for this purpose, including massage, acupressure, exercise, etc. Also, they provide valuable suggestions to the patients and their caregivers.

Sample Collection

Sample CollectionWe offer various laboratorial tests, which involve the sample collection of blood, stool and urine. The equipment required for the collection of samples, and their storage are provided by us. Special care is taken in this regard, since this is the important step in the effective diagnosis of various diseases.

Pharmacy Delivery 

Pharmacy DeliveryOur pharmacy consists of many prescription and over-the-counter drugs, of renowned brand makes. We operate 24×7, and hence you can access us any time for the required medicines. Home delivery is also provided for special cases, when it is not at all possible for the patient to get the medicines directly.

Equipment: Sale and Rental

Equipment Sale and RentalFor the patients, who require various medical equipment at home, like the hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, wheel chairs, suction machines, DVT pumps, air mattresses, etc., we offer this equipment for rent or sale, depending upon their requirements. We also provide delivery and installation of them.

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