General Surgeon or Laparoscopic surgeon

The general surgery usually refers a manual surgery on body like appendix, hernia, piles, wound, etc where as a laparoscopic surgery uses cameras and tiny instruments inserted across 0.3 to 1.3 cm into the body for Surgery. It is similar to robotic surgery. Both surgeries are done by a General or Laparoscopic surgeon.


Anupama’s General Surgery department has the most experienced surgeons’ team in kukatpally, who can operate on various parts of the body, and achieve a high success rate. The range of body parts they perform surgeries include thyroid gland, abdomen, breast, etc. and the operations like hernia surgery, thyroidectomy, diabetic foot treatment, etc. are conducted at our facility.

The infrastructure at our hospital is of top notch, and we have all the amenities which are comparable to the international standards. This equipment is used to conduct advanced surgeries, which can provide highly successful results for the patients.

The general surgeons at our facility have conducted thousands of surgeries till now, and they are able to conduct the trickiest of operations in safe environment. Their expertise is well renowned throughout Hyderabad and the surrounding places, and this is the main reason for the overwhelming response our hospital.

Issues like diabetes foot are treated successfully even in severe stages, and since it can spread quickly, our surgeons offer rigorous treatment to keep the health condition in check.

Due to these features, Anupama is the trusted hospital for thousands of patients, and people for our General Surgeon in Kukatpally.




Appendix Surgery or Appendectomy is offered to cure appendicitis, which is a medical emergency. This issue is caused by the inflammation of appendix, due to any blockages. Eventually, it can lead to perforation or rupture of the appendix, and the patient should be rushed to the emergency room to save his/her life. Anupama provides highly responsive surgery, which includes laparoscopy or open type.


Hernia is a medical condition, where an organ protrudes into the surrounding weak tissue. This can happen anywhere in the body, and the hernias are named according to the location of the protrusion. Anupama provides surgeries for these issues, and relieves the patients from immense pain. The surgeries are performed in open type or laparoscopic, which depends on the extent of the protrusion.


Hemorrhoids or Piles are the swollen blood vessels in the rectum or anus regions, and they are quite painful. Sometimes, they are accompanied with blood loss, which can cause severe inconvenience to the sufferers. Anupama offers Piles Surgery to treat this condition, and the piles are removed. The damaged tissues are then repaired to revert the condition to normal. Our advanced treatments are beneficial.


This surgery is done to remove the partial or complete Thyroid Gland. The need arises when cancerous tumors are formed or the thyroid gland becomes extra-large, and it makes speaking and swallowing difficult for the affected person. Our highly qualified surgeons can perform the operation with great care, and avoid any potential complications during the surgery. The advanced infrastructure too plays its part.  

Say Hello to our doctors who are general surgery experts.



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Laproscopy and Open General Surgery Department

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