General Physician for Primary Health Care

General Physician treats fever, infections, diabetes, stomach pain, diarrhea, blood pressure, skin allergies, and other illnesses effectively, providing complete protection to the patients.

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General Physician offers excellent treatments for various chronic and acute health ailments. Due to the broad knowledge about different body parts, the diseases are diagnosed accurately, and highly effective treatments are provided for the patients, to end their suffering and restore the health.

Strong expertise is also displayed in undertaking the preventive measures, to eradicate the chances of getting affected by health issues in the first place. Certain dangerous infections, which are renowned for spreading like a wildfire, are controlled indigenously, and eminent steps are taken to minimize their presence in the society.

  • Adept medical intervention

General physician can cure a plethora of diseases by administering highly efficient drugs. The incredibly focused treatments emphasize on the long term health benefits, and improve the health of the patients immensely.

  • Offers first-line therapies

General physician offers first-line therapies for any health issue, before referring the patients to the specialists in the required cases. Therefore, it saves them from unnecessary stress and financial burden.

  • Provides valuable suggestions

General physician offers invaluable suggestions regarding various health aspects, and they are of immense use for the patients.

About the General Physician Department

The General Physician department at Anupama comprises of adept doctors, who can manifest absolute skills in curing various illnesses. Our general physicians are finely talented in diagnosing the diseases, and administering highly effective treatments to cure these health issues from the core.

They are immensely experienced in evaluating the chronic health issues, like diabetes and blood pressure, and formulate long term treatments to control them effectively. Also, regular checkups are conducted for the patients, to assess the impact on the crucial body organs like heart, brain, liver, kidneys, etc, and take the appropriate measures to save those organs.

People with borderline values are closely monitored, and exemplary treatments are provided to cure their chronic health issues completely. For the acute illnesses, our general physicians offer rigorous treatments to the sufferers, and help them recover quickly.

To support these finest doctors, sophisticated infrastructure is provided for the department. All the equipment required for the diagnosis and treatment of numerous health issues are maintained in the hospital, and they are upgraded to the latest iterations regularly.

Our General Physician department offers exquisite medical services to the needed, to cure their illnesses effectively, and restore their health quickly. Make an appointment now to consult our General physician in Kukatpally region for primary health problems.




Fever is a condition, in which the body temperature increases considerably. It is usually a symptom of an underlying issue, and it can be dangerous depending on the type of the issue and age of the person. Anupama offers effective treatment, and stabilizes the condition quickly. Infants are provided with extra care, since they are susceptible to serious complications due to the fever.

General Infections

General Infections occur due to the advent of microorganisms or disease causing agents on the body. They are generally localized at a particular body part, but in rare conditions, they can mix up with the blood stream, which can cause serious complications. Anupama offers rigorous treatments for these infections, preventing them from spreading or reaching the blood stream, and keeps you safe. .

Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain is a common issue for many people, and it is usually a symptom of indigestion. But it can be caused by more serious issues too, deteriorating the health of the affected person. In fact, regular or high intensity stomach pains associated with fever, vomits and diarrhea are a cause of concern, and you should be checked at Anupama as soon as possible, for getting the right treatment.


Termed as “Silent Killer”, Diabetes has all the characteristics to prove this title. This condition occurs due to the low or no production of insulin, which results in the accumulation of glucose in the body, causing a number of symptoms. It also affects the crucial organs of the body, like nerves, kidneys, eyes, etc. and compromises or inhibits their functioning. Anupama helps to manage this condition. 

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